POP-OUT WINDOWS Jetta a2 Green Tinted Set

POP-OUT WINDOWS Jetta a2 Green Tinted Set


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A complete set of POP-OUT WINDOWS – Jetta a2 Green Tinted Set. The windows are made of tempered glass automotive grade according to NOM-146-SCFI-20011 (SAFETY GLASSES). It comes with next hardware.

  • 2 tempered glass (left and right)
  • 4 fasteners or fasteners post-glass
  • 4 screws female-male
  • 8 sandwich protective packaging
  • 2 gaskets perimeter fixing

2 hinges


6 mm gauge glass whose edges are completely polished. Designed to get the best esthetic perimeter between the glass and the body, taking care of the detail of the complete harmony.

The glass comes with tree little marks in the down side. because the glass comes in 1600 degrees so we have to support it in a tweezers.

semi-speckle filter complies with NOM-146-SCFI-20011 (SAFETY GLASSES).


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