Steering wheels for mk1

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10. BBS
With a not so oldschool appearance; Is a steering wheel that suits your mk1 very well.

9. Classic GTI
A very simple and simple steering wheel to carry the acronym GTI, what do you think?

8. Classic GT
Very well known by all and mounted on many mk1. Definitely could not miss the list.

7. GTI 16S Oettinger
Oettinger and GTI together give a very special touch, especially for what they represent.

6. Momo Classic
With a more oldschool and fine design. Momo is not one of my favorite brands, but it looks excellent mounted on a mk1

5. Nardi Torino
My favorite flyer. Is there any better?

4. Porsche 924
The ugliest Porsche to my taste, I think many people carry it just because it shows the brand.

3. Porsche 944
One of the most beautiful and aesthetic adaptations for mk1.

2. Scirocco mk1
Not my favorites but I think it should be on the list.

1. Votex Nardi
A very exclusive and difficult to find steering wheel. If you find it, do not let it go!