Golf mk1 bumpers

I would like to show you some golf mk1 bumpers, so you can have a more accurate idea of ​​what it looks like in your car.

Small bumpers or Eurobumpers

This bumper demonstrates in essence the origin of the VW golf. Since the first golf carried this beautiful bumper, it gave the car incomparable aesthetics. Not to grotesque, if not to the contrary denoting class and elegance.



This type of bumper was presented in European cars and only in some imported to the American continent since the safety regulations in the USA did not allow the use of this bumper.

Golf Mk1 bumpers 3

Plastic eurobumper

Reinforced with inner metal and textured in black plastic exterior that combines with more sporty touches.



Cabriolet kit

This type of fusion of bumper / spoiler undoubtedly gave a retro touch, especially to the cabriolet since these cars were the ones that brought this type of bumpers.



Some brands like BBS and Kamei made models for this platform.

Big bumpers or American metal bumpers

At the arrival of the VW golf to the American continent, the European bumper had to be replaced by a big bumper; A more effective defense against impacts.

Some models had shock absorbers to absorb the impact, the problem is that visually they are very unattractive compared to eurobumpers or small bumpers.