Kamei golf

A former Volkswagen employee founds Kamei

Hired only for three months and with a salary of 430 DM per month, Karl Meier worked as an interior design engineer for VW.

He was trained as an mechanic engineer and later specialized in the design and construction of body, roof, hinged and interiors.

Unsatisfied with his career expectations at VW, he decided to start his own business with a colleague, which failed later on.

Later with only 50 DM and the help of his two children, he enabled his garage and began to create covers for seats, which began to be sold in an unimaginable way.

Meier couldn’t compete with the big corporations, so he was focused in the implementation of other products for volkswagen interiors; such as the pedal of the accelerator, the replacement to the roller and subsequently it was adopted in the manufacture of the beetle.

In 1952 KAMEI (KArl-MEIer) “manufacturer of practical accessories for automobiles” was born officially. Among the curious and innovative products it offered were: shelves, hat holders, supports for each part of the human body and adjustable seats. He was also the creator of the headrest.

One day he was annoyed by the weight of the tail of the vw beetle and the unstable handling of the car at speeds above 80 km / h So he created an horizontal stabilizer; And this is known as spoiler, undoubtedly the most famous of its accessories

Currently it is practically inconceivable to see a car without this type of accesorie as they help the car’s aerodynamics.

From the vision of an Engineer such an accessory is born, which  not only complements our car, but leads us to an era of nostalgia.