How to fix a Mk1?

Our friend and client Azgad Camarena, tells us a little about the history of his famous Mk1, and How to fix it. “The Mint”. My story: After having some other cars, there was a bad streak at home as happens in every average home, and inevitably I ran out of my car for such circumstances. […]

Volkswagen Polo Mk1

The Volkswagen Polo Mk1 is the first generation of the Volkswagen Polo. It was produced from 1975 to 1981 and was manufactured at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. The Polo was a first-class car from the first day, despite its small boot and a crowded rear seat. The Volkswagen Polo Mk1, which was actually a […]

Vw Rabbit PRO

Meet Vw Rabbit PRO, a 1987 limited edition. A provocative Vw. In 1979 Mexico, we received it with the name of “Caribe”, the U.S. versión of the Vw Rabbit. Undoubtedly one of the most beloved cars in the history of motorsport. A car designed and created by VW to become the successor of the Beetle, not counting that it […]

Volkswagen Derby

Perhaps very few people have heard of the Volkswagen Derby Mk1, Others perhaps did not even have an idea of ​​its existence. Here’s a little information about this car which in fact, was very pleasing to the eye. Born from the need to create a sedan from the VW Polo, it had already been introduced […]

Golf Mk2

The history of the Golf Mk2 begins with its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1983. It was a car developed to replace the first generation of theGolf. The design retained the general lines of the previous model, however, it is more rounded and less angular. It resulted in a considerable improvement in its […]

The VW Rabbit GT

The VW Rabbit GT is a very endearing Rabbit version within the VW community. Very few know that the VW Rabbit GT was one of the last Rabbit models that were marketed in Mexico, prior to the arrival of the second generation of the Volkswagen Golf. In March of 1984 the WV Rabbit GT is […]

Volkswagen’s acronyms

Surely you’ve seen a wide variety of Volkswagen’s acronyms  stamped on various models but, do you know what they mean? each one of them without consulting google ?. We do not want you to stay with the doubt and for this reason we took on the task of collecting those that become more frequent in […]

Caddy pick up

They tireless pick up! The VW caddy pick up was a complete success in sales and people associated the name of this sport with the truck. This wasn’t a problem at all for the company as it is associated to elitism, a caddy in the course, it is known for the assistance that gives you […]

Volkswagen e-golf

Visualize the year of 1976. VW wants a compact car, economical and “eco-frienddly”. The world and lack of resources makes brand researchers decide that it was a good idea to take a Golf, remove the combustion engine and replace it with an electric one, so here begins the history of the first Volkswagen e-golf. However, […]

VW Rabbit Diesel

When the first rumors of the creation of the VW Rabbit Diesel emanated from VW’s headquarters in 1975 it was thought that the idea could be just a research project, but the company’s engineers, when faced with a challenge never ceased to amaze us with the results. During 1975, a new motorization was introduced to […]