Volkswagen’s acronyms

Surely you’ve seen a wide variety of Volkswagen’s acronyms  stamped on various models but, do you know what they mean? each one of them without consulting google ?. We do not want you to stay with the doubt and for this reason we took on the task of collecting those that become more frequent in some of our favorite models.

Many times we buy a car and do not even know what kind of engine it has, sometimes we could only say if it runs in gasoline or diesel. This makes us see how our knowledge is limited in terms of our vehicle.

In addition to this, there are other factors in our car such as power for example, usually measured in kW (kilowatt) and in CV (horses), which we are totally unaware of.

In many websites, they tell us what these Volkswagen’s acronyms  mean, but to search for them you must all perform too many searches on the web, a daunting task.

The purpose of this article is that they have the meaning of these acronyms within the same site, so that if someone has doubts or wants to differentiate the acronyms from each other, they can do so without having to search much online.

We know that some of you know the Volkswagen’s acronyms  perfectly, however, there are other Acronyms that are not found in our country since they correspond to models that are sold in other parts of the world, in the same way we will let you know some.

GTI: Grand Turismo Injection

GLI: Grand Luxury Injection

TDI: Turbocharged Diesel Injection


TSI: Twincharged Stratified Injection


V6: 6-cylinder engine in the shape of “V”

ASG: Automated Shift Gearbox


DSG: Direct Shift Gearbo


R: Racing


MPI: Multipoint Injection


SUV: Sport Utility Vehicle


Do you have more acronyms that we did not mention? Share them with us! We know that they will be of great use to many.

Tell us what acronyms your Volkswagen shows?