More alive than ever

How did he transform an old piece of metal into an exhibition car?

7 My name is Manuel Peña Ramirez and

I am 31 years old.

My car is a VW Rabbit 1980.

I bought it from a friend who was trying to restore it and at the end for some reason it ended

up with me.

It was a square grill, but Ive always liked the round grill, so I decided to change it.

The process was relatively fast as it took me approximately 1 year to complete it.

There are not many orange rabbits and I think that color has a lot of life, that’s why I decided

to paint it that way.

This rabbit has a 2.0L 8v engine with a Neuspeed supercharger from a mk3 and ABA

transmission of 5 vel.

It has a crankshaft sensor and a mk4 coil all this fed to 100 by a Boostpower.


Nardi steering wheel

Porsche markers on console and porta gauge kamei with two wideban and boost gauge


Bumpers, gas cap and trim moldings “Small Bumpers”

Bring Audi winter tires mounted on 165/40/16

Bring exhaust system “remus”

And the suspension with their respective coilovers brand “solowerk”

Fifft skull


I really like my old Rabbit.

Many turn to see my car and get a little astonished. I like seeing their faces, especially when

I push the accelerator, since it looks very nice from the outside, but it’s really something

special in the inside!