Golf Country

WAS IT A MISTAKE?   Surely you have heard or seen this vehicule, is currently considered a unique jewel for collectors and car lovers, but it was not always like that. The Golf Country was not very favorable in its launch year. Twenty years ago, VW decided to give a turn to the Golf, because […]


Mk1 GTI THE LEGEND 40 YEARS OF ADVENTURES THE SPORTS PIONEER Thanks to a development engineer from Wolfsburg who wanted to create a more powerful golf than the “normal” versions, he commented the idea to the top managers of the company but, some say, they denied the project. Not giving up on this refusal and […]

Mk1 History

Loved by many, despised by others. This is the Mk1 History, the biggest success of the European industry in history, because in these 42 years they have sold more than 30 million units. Back in the day, there was an oil crisis and people demanded low consumption vehicles. VW was faced with the challenge of […]

Giorgetto Giugiaro

The best designer in history. He received the “Car Designer of the Century Award” in 1999. Giorgetto Giugiaro was born in Garessio, Italy on August 7, 1938. Upon moving to Turin, Giorgetto studied at the School of Art in the mornings and attended drawing classes at night. During a school design competition, Dante Giacosa, then […]

Wheels for Golf mk1

Wheels are the finest feature of any car! Thats why we have to created a listing about the best wheels for Mk1.     7. AUDI winter Something not so ostentatious, but with a lot of presence. I have heard that the price of these wheels oscillates around $1500.00 USD. 6. ATS CLASSIC Available in […]