WV Rabbit pick up

The VW Rabbit pick up is one of the most endearing trucks that has stood the test of time.  It is one of those vehicles that we identify immediately when we see it in the street, from which we do not look away until it disappears from our sight. Without a doubt, we can say that the VW Rabbit pick up is an authentic classic of the German brand.

In its 1979 launch year in the United States, it came out under the name Volkwswagen Rabbit Pickup, but the name only lasted three years from its birth (at least to the rest of the world). The “Caddy” name was never used for this market, since in the United States, Cadillac models are referred to thus.

In 1982 VW visualizes the vehicle from another angle and the company discovers that this type of van could have its public among European workers, and, to be better accepted, the name is changed to something easier to remember, the VW Caddy.

And they got it right. The truck became a success in Europe! Accepted successfully from the other side of the world, it was a question of time that also was introduced to other markets like in South Africa where it continued to produce until recently (2008).

Since then, the VW Rabbit pick up has had a long life of evolutions and modifications that have allowed it to adapt to the needs of the times of each of the drivers. Although initially known as Caddy, in later years it changes its name to Volkswagen Pick Up so as not to conflict with more recent generations of the truck that retains that name.

Just think of the 33 years that witness the long life of this endearing vehicle on our roads, to remember the legend that is a VW Rabbit pick up.

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