Jetta Mk1 the Golf’s brother 

A compact family car, the Jetta was introduced to the market in September 1979, it has marked its path over six generations. It was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro from Italdesign, This model was well accepted, specially by young audiences due to the excellent background of its then sister model, the VW Mk1 Rabbit. With a […]

Mk1 golf cabriolet history

The Cabriolet mk1  is a convertible model of Volkswagen. It’s design would have been based on Golf, although there was still nothing like it in the convertible market at the time. It was manufactured by bodybuilder Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany. Production began in 1979 and ran until 1993. In the United States the model was […]

Vr6 Engine

Earlier this year we talked about the famous “Engine Swap”. Many fans of the Golf Mk1 agree to change their engine, being an old car, it does not have the same power as before. But there are also purists who think that altering the machinery means mutilating such  beautiful car and its original genius. Today […]

Giorgetto Giugiaro

The best designer in history. He received the “Car Designer of the Century Award” in 1999. Giorgetto Giugiaro was born in Garessio, Italy on August 7, 1938. Upon moving to Turin, Giorgetto studied at the School of Art in the mornings and attended drawing classes at night. During a school design competition, Dante Giacosa, then […]

Rabbit swallowtails

The term “swallowtail” is used for the first VW golf, built with a unique body line between the taillights. Today we will talk about that particular line that separates the common Mk1 from the extremely rare Mk1. A feature of our Mk1 not known by many, but that certainly adds value to our vehicle. The […]

Golf mk1 bumpers

I would like to show you some golf mk1 bumpers, so you can have a more accurate idea of ​​what it looks like in your car. Small bumpers or Eurobumpers This bumper demonstrates in essence the origin of the VW golf. Since the first golf carried this beautiful bumper, it gave the car incomparable aesthetics. […]

Steering wheels for mk1

This is our top ten Did we missed any? Check out our list!   10. BBS With a not so oldschool appearance; Is a steering wheel that suits your mk1 very well. 9. Classic GTI A very simple and simple steering wheel to carry the acronym GTI, what do you think? 8. Classic GT Very […]

Wheels for Golf mk1

Wheels are the finest feature of any car! Thats why we have to created a listing about the best wheels for Mk1.     7. AUDI winter Something not so ostentatious, but with a lot of presence. I have heard that the price of these wheels oscillates around $1500.00 USD. 6. ATS CLASSIC Available in […]

More alive than ever

How did he transform an old piece of metal into an exhibition car? 7 My name is Manuel Peña Ramirez and I am 31 years old. My car is a VW Rabbit 1980. I bought it from a friend who was trying to restore it and at the end for some reason it ended up […]

how to care the paint of your golf mk1

Synthetic or natural, some fibers can damage your car. We always look for the best for our car, and when it comes to choosing a wash and dry cloth, we must pay close attention, regardless of whether they are synthetic or natural, as they can scratch the paint while cleaning your car. Fortunately there is […]